4 Signs Your Leach Field Is Failing

A quick lesson on septic systems: Your house has a main line that drains from the home to the septic tank. Solid waste sinks to the bottom of the tank and the rest filters into the leach field. The leach field treats the liquid waste and then allows it to settle into the ground. This is very basic but you get the gist. A leach field can last up to 25 years if taken care of, but there are signs when it fails. Rooter Express SC advises that you watch for the following four things.

1. Excessive Plant Growth Above the Field

You are amazed that one tree and its surrounding grass consistently do better than the rest of your yard. The tree is always green and full of leaves and the grass is thick and lush. If this portion of your landscaping lies above the leach line, you might have a problem. Should your leach line leak, the landscaping above it will thrive on the added water and fertilizer, so if you notice excess growth above the leach line, it’s time to have it inspected.

2. The Ground Is Always Wet

Another clue you have a leach line leak is the ground is always wet above it. You shouldn’t see mushy mud above your leach field nor should you see standing water. The leach line treats the water to decontaminate it and then allows it to sink into the ground. If the water isn’t sinking, there’s a problem. In addition, a compromised leach field might not be treating the water properly, which means that standing water in your yard could be hazardous waste.

3. You Notice a Funny Smell

In continuing the discussion above, untreated water will smell like sewage. You should never even know you have a septic system outdoors — or indoors for that matter. If you do smell sewage in your yard or in your house, you have a problem. First, look for moisture above the leach field, then get down on your hands and knees to smell the area. If it smells funny, call a septic system specialist, or if you notice the smell even without excess moisture, call a professional.

4. Your Indoor Drains Are Sluggish

Finally, if your drains are slowing down and cleaning them doesn’t help, you might have an entire septic system concern. When the tank is full, your drains will slow down and eventually back up because the sewage has nowhere to go. Slow drains can also indicate an issue with the leach field, however, because that is where the water ends up ultimately. The best way to avoid any failure of your septic system is to have it inspected and the tank pumped every three to five.

Rooter Express SC services Greenville, SC, and its surrounding areas. If you suspect you have a leach field problem, call us at 864-385-3933.

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