Best Odor Reducers For Septic Tanks

It’s no secret that your septic tank is going to produce plenty of unpleasant odors. That doesn’t mean that you have to deal with horrible smells that could permeate your home. There are many odor reducers for those smells coming from your tank.

Try Baking Soda

Not only is baking soda effective at removing odors, but it’s also nontoxic and inexpensive. You can combat the septic system odors by flushing or draining some baking soda once per week to help combat odors. You can also mix it with vinegar for an effective odor remover. Mix one-half baking soda with one-half parts white vinegar and then flush it down your system, followed by some hot water. Just be aware that vinegar is naturally anti-bacterial, so use it sparingly or it could affect the good bacteria your septic tank needs to function.

Drain Cover Cleaning

In many cases, sludge can build up on your drain covers, creating a foul odor. This is most common in moist and humid environments. Fortunately, you can combat the issue by thoroughly scrubbing your drain covers with hot water and a septic-safe cleaner. Do this once a month at least to fight off horrible smells.

Fighting Outdoor Odors

When sewage and other waste move throughout your septic system, it needs outside airflow to keep things moving. Sometimes the air can be pulled in through an exposed vent, allowing the air in and foul smells to escape. Add a vent filter and over to combat this issue. You can find them in a variety of formats including charcoal filters that naturally filter the air and get rid of foul smells. Activated carbon covers work similarly and can fit right over the entire vent to keep odors at bay.

Try Septic Tank Pumping

If the foul smells are consistent, strong, or won’t let up, odor reducers may not be enough and it could be time to schedule a checkup and a pump. Even though the good bacteria in your septic tank is working to create a balanced system, they can sometimes get overloaded which leaves solid waste festering. As the solid waste builds up, even a well-working septic system can have trouble getting rid of nasty smells. It could be time to have your tank pumped in order to start fresh and remove waste that has been sitting stagnant.

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