Best Toilet Paper For Septic Tanks

If your home uses a septic tank, you may be wondering which type of toilet paper will work best to avoid clogs and other issues. Not all toilet papers are created equal, so it’s important to know which kind you should use. Whenever you flush, those contents travel directly to your septic tank. Solids like waste and toilet paper can buildup, creating a sludge that can build up as time goes on. Consider these types of toilet paper so you can keep your septic tank operating at its best capacity.

Give Biodegradable Toilet Paper a Try

When it comes to toilet paper, the biodegradable kind requires less water to break down, meaning it will dissolve a lot faster than standard toilet paper. This makes it an excellent choice to use if you have a septic system. Many brands of biodegradable toilet paper are not as soft or thick as other styles, and it can be more expensive, but it could save you in repairs or maintenance in the long run.

Try Recycled Toilet Paper

Most recycled products contain fewer chemicals like bleach, and this applies to toilet paper as well. Those chemicals can upset the natural balance in your septic tank, which is why recycled toilet paper is a great option. In addition, the fibers in recycled TP are shorter, so they break down more easily and dissolve more quickly in water.

Look for Septic-Safe Toilet Paper

You’ll see lots of brands of toilet paper claiming they are septic-safe. In most cases, this means that the toilet paper should dissolve fairly quickly. If you’re not completely confident just based on a brand’s claim, look for those that are certified as septic-safe by the National Sanitation Foundation. This non-profit organization tests products related to the environment and health. When in doubt, try choosing a few different brands of toilet paper to test.

Testing Out Your TP

If you really want to be certain whether your toilet paper is safe for your septic tank, try this east test. First, place a few squares into a large mason jar or another type of clear container. Fill the container about three-quarter of the way full of water, replace the lid, then shake it vigorously for around 10 seconds. This action mimics what happens to the toilet paper when it’s flushed and heading into your septic tank. If the paper has fallen apart, it’s a good indicator that it is a great option for your septic tank.

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