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Many of our customers in Centerville, SC, recognize us as septic system specialists, but our expertise extends beyond that! If your home or business is connected to the municipal sewer line in our town, we’re equipped to assist you there as well.

In Centerville, you’d be surprised at the variety of items that commonly clog sewer lines. Whether it’s debris, hair, oil, or even unexpected items like toys (yes, you read that right – with young children, anything can happen!), Rooter Express SC is the name to remember.

Established nearly a decade ago, Rooter Express SC has been a trusted local business since 2017, helping customers like you tackle sewer and septic challenges. Our team of expert technicians boasts unparalleled knowledge of sewer systems, ensuring that when issues arise, they know exactly how to address them.

You might assume that your sewer line is running smoothly, but issues can arise for various reasons. Every time you use water in your home – whether it’s doing laundry, running the dishwasher, taking a shower, or flushing the toilet – debris enters the sewer system. While this may not seem problematic initially, it can lead to clogs in the pipeline, resulting in water and debris backing up into your property.

What’s the solution? It’s simple: Reach out to the experts at Rooter Express SC. With our extensive industry experience and advanced equipment, we swiftly diagnose the problem and get to work promptly. Rest assured, we prioritize clear communication throughout the process. We avoid overwhelming you with technical jargon, yet ensure you understand the situation fully. Our aim is to empower you with knowledge about the work being done on your property.

Contact us today to explore our services. Our friendly technicians are ready to provide all the information you need. We look forward to serving you and adding you to our satisfied family of Rooter Express customers.



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Opting for Rooter Express for your upcoming sewer cleaning project ensures you receive top-notch service in Centerville. As a local, family-owned business, we treat every client like a neighbor – because you truly are! Just like you, we live and work in this community, making us uniquely qualified to assist fellow South Carolina residents with septic and plumbing issues, no matter the scale.

But don’t just take our word for it! See what our customers have to say…

Add funny to what I like about this business, and a pleasure to do business with as well!! They pumped my vacation home and I could not be more happy with the price, professionalism, and service. To boot, they also put me on a 5-year service plan. Can't ask for more than that!! I highly recommend.

~ Kim Cooper

Wow! This company answered the phone ( yep a real person answered - and she was so kind and understanding), came to my home, and cleared out my septic tank, ALL within 2.5 hours! That was so important when it was almost 100 degrees, and we had no shower or toilets until their work was done. Speaking of work, the two guys who came out with the truck to save the day were so professional. They knew and answered every question we asked. This is truly a hometown local company that I HIGHLY recommend! Call them in your time of need and you will be GLAD!

~ Susanne Urich

I had my septic tank gurgle once and called the Rooter Express. Both Dylan and Austin were out with in the a couple hours working on and explain my septic issues. Above all the price was worth the friendliness, education, and time responsiveness of the two men servicing my home.

~ Sophie Lichtenstein

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