Does My Lawn Need To Be Dug Up To Pump The Septic Tank?

When your septic tank requires pumping (a task recommended every three to five years) you may wonder what effect the work will have on your yard. Although historically professionals might have needed to dig around the area for any exploratory diagnostics, modern technology allows technicians to repair and pump your septic tank without resorting to invasive methods. Here are a few things to expect when having the septic tank pumped:

Finding the Tank

Although this step can be done by the technicians, they’ll charge a fee if they have to locate the tank and remove the lid, so doing this part on your own can save you money. If there’s an as-built map of your septic system, it can help you find the tank, but if you don’t have one or can’t find it, you should locate the plumbing vents (on the roof) and see if they line up with the sewer line that leads to the septic tank.

If that method doesn’t work, you can use an electronic detection device that flushes down a toilet and transmits a signal to a receiver. Either way, knowing the location of your tank will help you access and maintain your system in the future, so it’s an important step to take.

Pumping the Tank

Make sure you get a receipt from the crew that lists each service performed. It should look something like this:

  • Number of gallons pumped (approximately)
  • Data about scum layer measurements
  • Number of compartments pumped
  • Condition of the tank and its baffles
  • Details about any other service performed

To help you determine the timing for your next pumping, pay close attention to the sludge layer measurements. The rate at which the tank accumulates solids will determine how often you should have the tank cleaned.

When Digging Might be Necessary

When cleaning or pumping the tank, there should be little cause for excessive digging. If they find enough damage to warrant tank replacement, however, professionals might repair or replace worn sewage lines, and this would require some digging. If you use a reputable company, though, they should make you aware of any services that would disrupt your yard before the work begins.

The best way to keep minor tank issues from requiring underground procedures is to stay current with all regular system maintenance. If you live in the Greenville or Anderson areas and need help with septic system installation, maintenance, or repair, remember to call Palmetto Pumpers at 864-385-3933 and schedule an appointment today.

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