How to Conserve Water When Watering Outdoor Grass

Summertime often means higher water bills. Between outdoor water play and landscaping, this time of year can drain your finances. It doesn’t have to, though. With a few simple steps, you can conserve water, have a healthy lawn and a productive savings account. Here’s how:

Use a Smart Controller

Today’s technology is amazing. There are weather-based irrigation controllers on the market capable of enhancing watering efficiency by almost 40 percent. Though a larger up-front investment (between $300 and $4000), it will pay itself back over the years, depending on your yard size.

Install an Automatic Rain-Shutoff Device

This handy, inexpensive option can be installed on your current irrigation system controller. It measures rain and tells the system to shut off when a certain amount has been reached. Not only can it save you money on the monthly bill, but it protects your lawn from overwatering.

Fix Leaks

You use enough water getting that grass to stay green, so don’t let a leak cause waste. Although they can be difficult to detect (especially outdoors), it’s worth hiring a high-quality landscape company to perform a full inspection.

Use Better Emitters

New emitter technology means water efficiency can reach great heights. Even if your emitters are only a few years old, check and see if a new model is worth the upgrade.

Go for Drought-Tolerant Plants

Thoughtful plant selection means everything. Planting varieties like yarrow, yucca, white fir and sage means your landscaping will thrive on less water. To make sure you get it right, research which plants grow best in your climate.

Get a Rain Barrel

Most home water sources have salts and other chemicals not present in rain water. Installing a rain barrel and using it to irrigate can not only help plants flourish but can conserve water, and save you hundreds on monthly watering costs.

Trust Mulch

Keeping a thick layer of mulch on plants keeps the roots cool and moisturized. Wood chips and shredded bark work best, as they also convert organic material into soil.

Aim Correctly

Watering leaves makes plants vulnerable to moisture loss (thorough evaporation). To avoid this problem, always water the soil. If using sprinklers, make sure they deliver the goods at appropriate angles.

Keep Grass Tall

Maintaining grass at around 2 inches will shade the soil and avoid evaporation.

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