Should A Septic Tank Be Pumped Before Inspection

If you own a septic system, it’s important that it receives good maintenance in order to work properly. A septic inspection can help to ensure that everything is operating as it should, and it can also uncover any potential problems. With most inspections, the tank is opened and the liquid level is checked to see if the tank is leaking or too full. When the levels are normal, water is added to system to ensure that it’s flowing from your house to the tank and absorption area. So, do you need to have the septic system pumped before an inspection?

Pumping and Inspection

In general, your septic tank should be pumped every three to five years. When you order an inspection, the entire tank will be pumped at that time unless it has recently already been pumped with no solids in the tank. Another exception is when your system fails the inspection before any pumping has been performed. Otherwise, a pump will be done to monitor the backflow from the absorption area. A thorough inspection should check for leaks, overfill, and for any backup. These indicators will help to determine if pumping will be needed.

What Happens During Pumping

If you do have your septic tank pumped, the inspector will look for a variety of things. First, there should be a separate layer of sludge, gray water, and scum at the bottom of the tank. The tank should be operating at the correct level in order to work correctly. The inspector checks these layers and levels first before they begin pumping. After the pumping is complete, the inspector will shine a light inside the tank. This allows them to see the condition of the tank and look for any damage or possible leaks.

Your inspector should also clean the effluent screen of your tank. This screen filters all solids out, and it prevents the solids from getting into the drain field. They’ll also ensure that your tank is watertight and there are no visible cracks that could indicate any significant damage. If your liquids are not found to be at the proper operating levels, there will likely be a need for further inspection. Any damage or leaks may result in the need for repairs, so pumping is recommended to give you a clearer picture of the condition of your septic tank.

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