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It’s not as hard as you might think to determine you have a drain field problem. Your septic system’s drain field carries the wastewater from the tank and deposits it into the ground after it’s been treated for safety. Signs you have a drain field issue are extra plant growth or soggy ground above the field. In other words, does your grass grow taller in one area of the yard and is that area on top of your septic system drain field? If so, you probably have a leak. Rooter Express South Carolina, LLC, can come to your home and inspect your field to make certain everything is a-okay.

Drain Field Remediation Experts

Our technicians know all about septic systems and we understand how the drain field works. We have years of experience in the Greenville & Anderson SC, area, and we are happy to inspect your entire septic system, especially the drain field, to ensure it is working as it should be. If it isn’t, you might face an environmental hazard on your property should hazardous waste back up or leak, but we’ll work tirelessly to avoid that because cleanup can be very expensive. Part of what can happen to your drain field is it can become clogged, which will cause the field to fail.

What Clogs the Drain Field?

If you know drain fields, you know they are a combination of rock beds and soil layers. You might think they couldn’t clog because they’re open materials not piping, but they can. Oil is the number one enemy of your septic system’s drain field, and it’s hard to prevent at least a little bit of oil entering into the system. You might not pour oil down your drains, but your dishes are oily when you wash them, as is your hair and skin. Another culprit is sediment from your tank. If you don’t have your tank pumped regularly, the waste can overflow into the drain field and clog it. Worse, it can also dry out the bacteria used to treat the wastewater and make it safe.

We Are Septic System Professionals

Rooter Express South Carolina, LLC, serves the entire Greenville & Anderson SC, area. We are septic system experts that provide installation, maintenance, and repair services to our customers. We will pump your tank regularly to avoid backup, and we will inspect your lines and drain field to ensure they aren’t clogged. With regular maintenance, we can keep the water and waste flowing out of your home and through the system. Call us at 864-385-3933 to set up your inspection.

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