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Septic Systems Is Our Specialty!

Septic Systems can back up and cause a lot of problems in your house. Call us at first signs that there is something wrong to avoid costly issues.


Septic Tank Pumping

The best thing about a septic system is control. You are freed from municipal sewer bills. You have control over your property, but you also have added responsibility. Your septic system carries waste from your home, and that waste includes hazardous solids and wastewater. Make certain your system works as it should all the time with scheduled inspections and maintenance. A crucial part of maintenance is pumping. Rooter Express South Carolina will pump out the solid waste from your tank when it’s full and haul it off for proper disposal. Don’t worry about a thing. We’ll do the dirty work for you.

drain fields

Drain Field Remediation

Rooter Express South Carolina are drain field remediation experts. Also called your leach field, this crucial system receives wastewater from the tank, decontaminates it, and filters it into your underground soil. Your drain field must work properly at all times, or you run the risk of introducing contaminated wastewater into the ground soil – an environmental no-no. If you suspect your drain field isn’t working as it should be, call us. We’ll come out and inspect it – alongside the rest of your system – and then sit down with you to discuss our findings. We’ll work with you to design an affordable remediation solution.


Septic Repair

Your septic system can fail. As with any complex plumbing, your septic system is made up of numerous parts. You have a main pipe that directs the sewage from your home into the tank. You have the tank, which stores the solid waste and sludge. You have an outlet for the wastewater to filter it into the drain field, and you have the drain field to treat and release the wastewater. No matter which part of your system fails, or all it, Rooter Express South Carolina has you covered. Our high-quality and speedy repair services will get your system operational right away.

sewer cleaning

Sewer Cleaning

If your home or business is attached to the municipal sewer system, don’t worry. We’re still here to help. Rooter Express South Carolina also specializes in sewer line cleaning. We can isolate a clog in your sewer line and fix it to get the water flowing once again. Many things clog sewer pipes, including debris, hair, oil, and even toys. Wait a minute – toys? You’d be surprised what toddlers flush down toilets. Tree roots can also encroach upon and damage sewer lines, and we can help you with that, too. We have the state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your sewer line is a-okay.

Reliable Local Plumbers In The Greenville SC Area


Plumbing Services

Not only do we offer Sewage Pumping to the wonderful residents of Greenville, Anderson, and surrounding areas, we also offer a variety of Plumbing services! Our certified plumbers will work hard to find and repair any plumbing issue, and won’t leave any job half finished. You can rely on Rooter Express South Carolina!


Plumbing Installation

Is it time to update or replace the plumbing in your home? We can install or repair almost anything. Toilets, Showers, Dishwashers, Bathtubs, Sinks, or something else? You name it! Updating or replacing your house’s plumbing can make cleaning much easier and future repairs less likely, plus it could even increase the property value of your home!


Water Heaters

Water Heaters are often tucked away in a hidden corner, and no one often realizes how important a Water Heater is until only cold water comes out of the pipes. After a while, water heaters collect buildups of dirt and other materials that can damage the tank. This can be prevented with routine flushes. Is it time to replace your water heater? Rooter Express South Carolina can help with that, too!

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We had our tank pumped out on 11/25/18 which was a Sunday and let me say THANK YOU for sending out someone to take care of it on a weekend especially after a holiday! And to send out someone like Chris Norton who was VERY professional and courteous and explained everything about what the problem was and how/ what could be the cause set my mind at ease! He must be the star employee since he did such a fabulous job and left everything looking great!! I will most definitely recommend not only Rooter Express South Carolina to anyone who needs septic work done but also tell them to request Chris Norton to come take care of them!!! Great job Rooter Express South Carolina I’ll give you 5 stars and I’ll give Chris 10 stars!! Wonderful work from all👍

Fonda Langston

Welcome To Rooter Express South Carolina

Are septic system repairs expensive? They can be, but they don’t have to be. Rooter Express South Carolina, LLC, in Greenville & Anderson SC, can save you money with regular inspections and maintenance.

We Are Pumpers! Septic Tank Pumping Experts

The key to septic system efficiency is regular pumping, and we’ll take care of that for you quickly and inexpensively.

Sewer Cleaning Services

We don’t just stop there, however. We also offer a professional diagnosis of sewer line issues and repair or replace to ensure your water flows in and out of the home effectively.

Septic Tank Repair

We can handle in-tank repairs when necessary. In fact, we can repair or replace any component of your septic system.

Drain Field Restoration

This includes issues with your drain field, which is the field that carries the wastewater from your septic tank to the soil.

Plumbing Services and Installation

Not only do we do sewer pumping, but we also do plumbing services and installation! You deserve the best functioning pipes. We work on faucets, toilets, water lines, and more!

Water Heaters

The plumbers at Rooter Express South Carolina, LLC are experts at all things Water Heaters. We can service every kind of water heater you need help with, regardless if it’s a standard or tankless unit.

Rooter Express South Carolina, LLC

Rooter Express South Carolina, LLC, brings years of septic system maintenance and repair experience to our clients in Greenville & Anderson SC. We focus on quality work and customer service that rivals our competition. We are state-licensed, offer free estimates, and accept credit cards if that’s easier for you. Our certified and trained technicians service the Anderson, Cleveland, Conestee, Greenville, Greer, Marietta, Mauldin, Pelzer, Pendleton, Piedmont, Salem, Seneca, Simpsonville, Slater, Taylors, Tigerville, Travelers Rest, and Williamston areas.

Septic Tank Service in Greenville & Anderson SC and Surrounding Areas

If your tank begins to back up into your home, call us at 864-385-3933 right away. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night. We’ll send a technician out to pump your tank right away and assess any possible damage or environmental issues. We install and maintain septic systems.

Septic Tank Preventative Maintenance

To prevent backup, your tank must be pumped regularly. Tanks should be pumped every three to five years generally, but this duration can change depending on home usage and household habits.

Sewer Maintenance and Replacement

We can also help you if your home is connected directly to the city’s sewage system. We specialize in sewer line maintenance, repair, and replacement. We will diagnose the problem quickly and discuss in detail your solutions with you.

Septic Components

Your septic tank is only one part of an extensive system underground. We can inspect and repair any part of your septic system, including the drain field and the tank itself. We will repair or replace components and upgrade your system when necessary to keep it safe and effective. If you are in need of a septic tank pumping company, give us a call.

Rooter Express South Carolina Is Greenville & Anderson’s Septic System Experts

You can trust Rooter Express South Carolina with your septic system or sewer line needs. We are experts in septic and sewage systems, and we bring years of experience to your project. We provide full-service septic system and sewer line installation, maintenance, and repair services to Greenville & Anderson SC, including the Cleveland, Conestee, Greenville, Greer, Marietta, Mauldin, Pelzer, Pendleton, Piedmont, Salem, Seneca, Simpsonville, Slater, Taylors, Tigerville, Travelers Rest, and Williamston neighborhoods. We are fully licensed and only employ expert technicians, so call us today at 864-385-3933 for septic tank pumping and repair.

Locations & Areas We Service: Greenville SC · Anderson SC · Greer SC · Simpsonville SC · Piedmont SC

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