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Why should you trust Rooter Express South Carolina, LLC, with your septic system repair? Because we are experts in the field and have served the Greenville & Anderson SC, area for years. We are proud of the job we do at each residence and we back our workup. We offer 24/7 emergency service, because your tank doesn’t check your schedule when it backs up, and we can say with certainty you won’t find more qualified technicians anywhere. Our experience and customer service are second to none.

Quality Septic Installation, Service, and Repair

When it comes to septic systems, only the best installation, maintenance, and repair will do. We can clean your lines, repair baffles, and repair your drain field lines. Your system is complex, with numerous parts, and we know how to inspect and service all of them. When you flush the toilet, run your dishwater or washing machine, or take a shower, the water and residue that heads down the drain and hits your tank first, where heavy sediment drops down. The remaining wastewater finds its way to your drain field, where’s it seeps into the ground after treatment. We have your entire system covered with expert maintenance and repair.

We Back Our Work

We don’t just come to your home, perform the work, and then leave you without a solution should something go wrong. We guarantee our maintenance and repair work. What would it say about our confidence in our technicians if we didn’t offer our customers warranties? If we didn’t repair your septic system right the first time, we’ll come back and remedy the situation. We are honest and reputable, and we have the warranties to back that statement up.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Many customers ask us the same questions. The most common one is how often should a septic tank be pumped? The general rule of thumb is three to five years, but you’ll notice we said generally. How often water and sludge head down to through the system dictates how often your tank needs pumping. Another question is how long will system repairs take? We won’t know until we inspect your system. We’ll give you a timeline with our estimate, which is free.

We Stand for Integrity

Rooter Express South Carolina, LLC, doesn’t shy away from septic system repairs. We have the experience and skilled technicians to diagnose the problem and offer solutions that will work to fit within your budget. We stand for integrity. We believe in providing reliable service to our customers in Greenville & Anderson SC. If your septic system is backing up into your home, call us today at 864-385-3933. We’ll dispatch a certified technician immediately.

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