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Every time you flush the toilet or run your faucets, sludge accumulates in your septic tank. This isn’t a bad thing; it’s what’s supposed to happen. You need that sludge pumped out of your tank regularly or it will back up into your home, and you definitely don’t want that. Septic back up into the home or your property is an environmental hazard, and it can be quite costly to mitigate that hazard. Rooter Express South Carolina can pump the sludge out of your tank quickly and easily, and we won’t charge you an arm or a leg to do it. We don’t believe in price-gouging our customers. Without you, we wouldn’t be in business, so you can rest assured we’ll treat you right.

We have years of experience in Greenville & Anderson SC. Aside from pumping your tank on a regular basis, we can also install or repair septic systems, but back to pumping. Your household size and habits dictate how often your tank should be pumped, but on average, experts agree every three to five years is suitable. If you have a huge house, you may need to have your tank pumped every two years. Smaller households can wait longer. It’s complicated, so let us measure your tank regularly to determine when it’s full. This puts you on a customized schedule that suits you best. We’ll also inspect your tank and the rest of your system to ensure everything is functional.

Remove the Sludge Today

Your septic system works in two ways: Sludge is deposited into the tank, while wastewater seeps into the drain field where it is treated with bacteria to render it environmentally safe. You may also flush bacteria down the toilet once a month to extend the life of your system, which is great. Even if you do this faithfully, however, you still need to have your tank pumped regularly. The bacteria you flush only staves the pumping, it doesn’t render it unnecessary. Eventually, the tank will fill up, and the longer you wait to have the sludge removed, the more stress you place on your system. The more stress on your system, the increased likelihood of costly repairs.

Signs you need a septic tank pump include slow drains, gurgling toilets, and shower, sink, or tub backups. If you experience any of these signs or you haven’t had your tank pumped in a long time, call Rooter Express South Carolina at 864-385-3933 right away. We service Greenville & Anderson SC.

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